Tips before you try Botox.

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Hello friends.

Another week has gone by and Halloween is getting closer and closer and the weather is getting colder and colder. I hope everyone is ready for the holiday, I know I’m looking forward to it as it is time I can spend with the kids.

I’m sure you all may have seen the news articles on the Botox treatment that is geared towards women who wear high heels to prevent what is being called “stilettotarsal”. Now I have searched medical terms and cannot find that anywhere, but for those that do not know what it means it is the newly derived term for the pain of the soft tissue on the ball of your foot. The treatment consists of a series of shots into the ball of the foot creating a Botox padding.
This padding allows that person to wear high heels for a longer period of time without the pain. The treatment is rather new and finding doctors that know how and where to give the shots are slim depending on where you live. Prices for this treatment is approximately $500 for those who can find a doctor that can and will administer the treatment. Please also note that Botox was not made for this reason and was originally released to combat frown lines and brow furrows in our ever growing quest for long term beauty and perfect looking skin. Now I’m not a doctor and I’m not going to go in to whether this treatment is good or bad for I feel we can make up our own minds on that one. But I do want to provide a list of alternative ideas to this treatment that woman can do now and maybe save them some time, money and yes, pain.

1: If you work in an office setting, take a pair of flats with you to work and leave your higher heels under your desk. The flats should be a pump style of shoe with a maximum of a 2 inch heel. These shoes still look stylish enough for the office while giving your feet a break. Save your higher heels for meetings and other events. Also while sitting at your desk take off your shoes and sit at your desk barefoot, leaving your flats where you can quickly put them on if you have to run.

2: Leave your heels at work or in your car. Driving in heels is not a good idea to begin with as it wears a hole in your floor mats and also wears on the heels themselves. While driving wear tennis shoes or flats and change into your heels once you get to work or get to your desk. I work with alot of women who do this. Some of them even put back on their tennis shoes and walk during lunch trying to keep their figure. Although tennis shoes do not give any type of sexy or flattering look, it does say here is someone who cares about what they look like. In this day and age it has become commonplace to see women in short skirts and tennis shoes before work, after work and during lunch.

3. Try and find heels with padding. Most single sole shoes do not have this or have very little, but mini platforms on the other hand tend to have more. The more padding the better for your feet as long as your foot does not slide causing a blister on the ball of your foot. I have even seen women take shoe inserts and stick them on their shoes with double sided tape. Some say it helps while others say that it tends to slide or fall out. If you are able to find a shoe that is well padded, no other padding should be needed.

4. Lastly, change what height of heel you wear. This is also important to give your feet a break from time to time. You do not always have to wear 5 inch heels, and changing to a 3 inch heel will give your feet a break, especially if you follow the rules above.

Although Botox can help for a short time with the pain I would rather see women, especially our customers, save themselves some money and pain and try some of the tips above. People are saying that Botox works for the short term, but no one knows what long term effect it will have or if you will do more harm than good over time. Yes we sell high heels and yes we have a passion for these shoes. And if you feel this treatment is right for you, then by all means try it. But you may want to consider trying some of the tips listed above and put that money in the bank, or better yet buy another pair of heels.


Foot Training.. Should I or Shouldn’t I?

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High heels and foot training or also called foot bending. What is it and should I do it? These are common questions and the truth is these questions can only be answered by you. Like with everything, people see and feel about things differently. This is also the case when it comes to high heels. For most people the understanding of “foot fetish” will be out of reach unless you have one, just like the passion of having or liking to wear these types of shoes is also out of reach if you happen not to like them. Now most people fall in the range of liking them to having a passion for them and collecting them. But for some high heels has become an obsession. High heels are all they wear and the higher the heels, the stronger the high. Even if you ask people with this obsession why they feel this strongly about high heels, most of them cannot answer as they truthfully do not know. This is like asking a smoker why they cannot quit while other people can or asking an alcoholic why they drink. Most do not know. They do know though that the feeling they have is real and for some it is uncontrollable.
Now you may be asking yourself why go into all this? Well it is important to understand why some people do it and to help understand if you should. Only you know how strong a feeling you have towards these types of shoes and with this only you can determine if this is right for you.

Misconceptions of foot training.

The main misconception is that it can be reversed. Foot training involves raising the arch of the foot so when standing on your tip toes your shoulders are inline with your knees and your knees are inline with your ankles. If you raise the arch of your foot too much, then the only shoes you will be able to wear comfortably will be high heels.

Another misconception is that you need to train your feet to walk in heels no matter what height. This is not true at all. The issue comes in when you start wearing heels that are too high for you. Wearing heels that are too high for you can cause strain on your back, knees and hips. So it is important to know the maximum height of heel you should wear without training. Now again this is different for everyone, but there is an easy way to find the answer.

Finding the maximum heel height you can wear comfortably.

1. Take off your shoes and socks and stand barefoot facing a wall.
2. Rise up on you tip toes as high as you can while keeping your knees straight inline with your shoulders and ankles. “Put your hands flat on the wall to help keep your balance”.
3. Now have a friend measure the distance from the bottom of your heel to the floor.
This is your maximum heel height.

If you wish to wear heels higher than this, then you have to either train your feet, wear platform heels or risk injury to your lower back.


Wearing jeans with high heels.

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The GaGa look.

There are many, many ways to make men go gaga, including short skirts and low cut tops. But there are also ways to do it without exposing anything! High heels have this power over men and even turn on some women for that matter. In this article we are going to discuss wearing jeans with high heels. Jeans, if fit properly, give your legs and butt a sexy defined shape and movement that is nicely accented with a pair of high heels. But not just any heel will do. So here are a few things to think about before you go out to insure you turn heads while strutting your stuff.

1. Jeans themselves come in many different styles and colors. When shopping for jeans, look for a tapered leg, not a boot cut, as a boot cut tends to make legs look thicker than they are. Stretch jeans are good for that tight butt look but you do not want them tight by the ankle as you want the jeans to come down over the top of the foot to about midway between the very back of the toes and ankle. If your legs are on the thicker side, finding jeans that fit properly to your leg may be hard as they will tend to fit in one area but not the other. Do not give up hope just yet. If you know your waist measurement then head over to the men’s section of the store. These jeans are cut differently and you may find that they fit you better. You want to look for a relaxed fit when looking through men’s jeans. The big issue when trying on men’s jeans is the crotch. Make sure you do not buy a pair that has material bunched up in that area.

2. Now that you have a pair of jeans, the type of heel you add to them is also very imporant. With jeans you want to wear a higher heel.
A 3 – 5 inch heel is the best for this look. You can also wear a heel with a mini-platform as they work very nicely. If you choose to go with the mini-platform, try to find one that has a silver accent line or some sort of accent, but do not go overboard.

3. When the jeans are worn with the heels, the jeans should come down to or just below the arch of your foot hiding your ankle and some of the top part of the foot. This leaves only the heel and toe area showing.
A. You can wear open or closed toe shoes with the look, but if you decide to wear open toe sandals make sure you paint your nails a bright color like a bright red or blue. Also make sure the heels you pick are not too strappy. You do not want to cover the exposed part of your foot with straps. Pick a heel that either has a clear section or only has 2 or 3 straps crossing the foot.
B. If choosing a closed toe, you also do not want to pick a shoe that covers the entire top of the foot as you want to leave a little skin showing. Pointy toe shoes work best, but if you want to wear a rounded or square toe, try to find a pair in a PU and not patent as the patent will take away from the look due to the shininess of the shoe.

We have found that black or dark colored heels go best with blue jeans where colored heels like blue or red go better with black jeans. White heels just do not seem to work very well and should not be worn with jeans.


Picking the right heel for a short skirt.

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In this article we are going to discuss short skirts “an above the knee skirt” and give some general pointers on picking the right heel. You have a lot of options available to you when wearing a short skirt as you can also wear knee high boots.

1. The old school fashion rules are as follows:
A. Do not wear white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day
B. Do not wear a short skirt if you’re older than 35.

These so called rules were made a long time ago and do not hold up in today’s fashion place. So don’t let anyone tell you that you can not wear white in the winter and do not let anyone tell you that you can no longer wear that short skirt just because today is your 36th birthday as both of these have become accepted in today’s fashion.

2. When choosing a heel for your skirt, the first thing you need to do is look at the skirt itself. Is the skirt a plain solid color or does it have a pattern? If the skirt is a solid color, is the color a bright color or a dark color?

A. If your skirt is a bright red or pink, a plain black or white heel will not go right with the outfit. This is one of those times that black does not go with everything. You need to find a shoe that closely matches the color of the skirt or gives a nice contrast to it.
* It is possible to wear a different color shoe than the color of the skirt by adding a belt with a matching purse and matching the shoe to them.

B. If the skirt in question has a pattern or floral design one must match the shoe to the primary color that is in the design.
* If the skirt is of a known time period or theme like a plaid “school girl” or a pink “poodle” skirt, then the shoe must be matched with the theme or time period.

3. When choosing a shoe to go with the skirt one must also consider the shape and size of their feet and legs. Long pointy toe shoes tend to make your feet look smaller than they are. This would not be a good thing if you have thicker legs. Where on the other hand wider heeled shoes with square or rounded toes tend to make your feet look bigger.

A. If you have a thicker leg you would want to look at a shoe with a wider heel. You may also want to consider a knee high boot. Boots tend to give legs and feet a unified shape and tone while still offering a glimpse of the legs. Where as a person with a thinner legs should pick a shoe with thinner heels, one with thin legs and feet should steer clear from square toed shoes as they would tend to make their feet look too wide for their legs.

B. Taller females would want to consider lower heel heights. These shoes can also add a professional or classy look to an outfit. Shorter females would tend to wear higher heels or mini-platforms. These shoes tend to make the legs look longer.
*Care should also be taken when choosing a platform heel as platforms have a reputation that one may not want. We recommend sticking with a mini to a mid size platform due to this reason.

We always recommend a shoe with an ankle strap as these can help prevent injury to the ankle by preventing it from slipping off the back or side of the shoe. This is especially true for shoes with a higher heel height. Mules are fine to be worn in shorter heel heights for everyday wear, but extra care should still be taken and a proper snug fit is also important.
Ankle straps on the other hand need to be snug and not worn loose. If you can remove the ankle strap without unbuckling it then the strap is too loose and should be adjusted.

*** Important ***
Care should be given if wearing a skirt with closed toe patent leather shoes. These shoes are shiny and can provide an unwanted reflection up your skirt…..


What type of high heel should I wear?

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This is a series of articles that we put together to help people decide what type of shoe to wear with what outfit. In todays world women have so many different options when it comes to high heels. Should it be a pump or sandal, a mule or ankle strap? Picking the right heel for the right outfit is just as important as picking the outfit itself.