Interview with Diana Nesbitt

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We thought it would be of great interest to our readers to get some input from professionals in the fashion industry regarding their experiences and opinions about current events / happenings in the field.

We recently conducted a brief interview with Diana Nesbitt, a fashion model / modeling teacher in the UK. Born and raised in Russia until 2002, she then moved to the UK and received her masters in teaching. Just some of her experience consists of working as a TV presenter and journalist, modeling for a number of fashion and retail companies, TV ads and brochures and has often been employed for catwalk fashion shows.


Below are our questions and her answers.

Q. Due to your profession we understand that you wear high heels just about all day. Outside of work how often do you wear them and what heel height do you prefer?

A. “Outside of work I don`t wear them at all. I might wear some 2-3` heels that are square or wine glass shaped if I go out and very seldom(like once or twice a year for Xmas party and a holiday night out) I`ll wear stilettos.”

Although Diana does not wear high heels often outside of work, we must say she looks good when she does.

Q. With top high heel shoe designers designing heels that reach heights of 6 inches or more, do you think that the shoes themselves are becoming too high and very hard to wear?

A. “I don`t see any practical use for heels this size. They don`t even look elegant or feminine but rather aggressive. The only place they look harmonious is high fashion catwalk which is nothing to do with real life.”

Q. Not that long ago Chinese models refused to wear  Alexander McQueen’s 12-inch high heels due to the risk of injury. In your opinion do you think we will see more of this in the future and do you believe that it will make designers create high heels with a lower heel?

A. “I am sure that we`ll see extremes like that in the future although I do anticipate some law suits from the injuries. Designers will inevitably  be experimenting with the shape and length of the heels because that`s what the have  to do to keep the shoe-making industry going.”

Q. Do you find it difficult modeling with your son or do you think it brings the two of you closer together?

A. “I never had any problems modeling with my son. In the actual fact I would like to have more opportunities to do so.”

Q. If the opportunity arises, can you see yourself doing commercials or runway, or would you prefer to stay a photographic model?

A. “I would love to do all sorts of commercials and runways. I enjoy this sort of thing even more than still photography.”

Q. In your own words, what would you say was your favorite shoot?

A. “It was a shoot modeling fashion clothing and accessories.”

Q. Outside of modeling, what are your favorite things to do?

A. “I enjoy singing in a band and taking photos in my home studio.”

We would like to thank Diana for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions. We wish her all the best in her endeavors. If you would like to check out her website, the address is


The Best and Worst Fashion Trends of the Past Decade

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The past decade has seen many different fashion trends come and go, some new and some old. There are several trends that appear on both sides of the best and worst list.

Best Fashion Trends

1. Leggings. They have been a great fashion addition from this last decade, allowing women to keep their legs covered, yet shapely, in all sorts of fun fabrics and colors. You can pair them with any length dress, or wear them under pants as a way to keep warm.

2. Classic ballet flats. They are comfortable and can be dressed down or up depending on what you pair it with.



3. Uggs. They are great to wear as house-shoes and to go around town.

4. Crocs. They are great for outside wear, remarkably sturdy, and an essential summer fashion item.

5. 80’s colors / clothes.

6. The casual woman in all of us loved the sweat pant as a must-wear.

7. Making high fashion accessible and popular for the masses.

8. For those not want to commit and wanting to experiment, fake tattoos.

track suits
Harem Pants

Worst Fashion Trends

1. Harem Pants: Looking Aladdin-chic lasted about a hot second.

2. Hobo-Chic: Roll out of bed, throw on a cloak, and add some Louboutin heels to the mix.


4. Leggings as pants: Tron-inspired leggings, sequin-adorned, "jeggings."

5. Destroyed Denim: At what point did it ever make sense to drop hundreds of dollars on a pair of jeans that already look like they’re 10 years old?

6. Uggs: From trendy to just plain Ugg-ly.

7. The Juicy Tracksuit: Reaching its height in popularity around 2003, the Juicy Couture tracksuit now serves as the base of many Halloween costumes.

1980's fashion

8. Visible Thongs: Now teenage girls think it’s hip to let their thongs hang out of their lower-than-low-cut jeans.

9. ’80s Re-Revival: How many times will we hear "the ’80s are back"?

10. Jersey Everything: Draped jersey everywhere in 2007 and 2008.

11. "Ironic" Hipster Fashions: Granny glasses, mustaches, acid-wash jeans, plaid, Arab scarves, and pretty much anything American Apparel ever produced since 2000.