Wearing Flip Flops as Harmful as Wearing 3 Inch Heels?

June 10, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Advice and Assistance, News
Who would think that wearing flip flops could be just as harmful as wearing 3 inch high heels?
Justin Shroyer, an assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette has recently performed a study of more than 100 people wearing flip-flops, looking at how the shoes affect legs and feet. His findings were that when one wears flip-flops, the muscles on the front of the shins (tibialis anterior) work harder than they do when people are barefoot. The increased muscle activity may be a result of the toes trying to grip the shoe to keep it in place. Flip-flops also shorten your stride length and can cause pain in your lower legs. Some short-term issues related to flip-flop use would be heel and arch pain, tendinitis, shin splints, sprains, splinters, cuts, and toe injuries. Long-term problems might be stress fractures, bunions, hammertoes, and neuromas. Flip flops by Old Navy
Flip flops by Aetrex

Most physicians recommend that if one insists on wearing flip flops, the more the shoe conforms to your foot, the better off your foot and leg will be, something similar to what is shown to the left. The wider the straps, the better. Also, try to get a sandal with a back strap. Back straps take some of the stress off your toes and decrease the demand for them to work so hard.

Even with a comfortable flip-flop, you should limit your use to no more than a few hours of wear, as is recommended with the wearing of heels. Foot exercises are also a good idea, no matter if you wear flats, sneakers or high heels.