High Heel Wars – Louboutin vs YSL

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French footwear designer Christian Louboutin has filed a lawsuit against rival Yves Saint Laurent, a subsidiary of the Gucci Group, over the use of the color red on shoe soles. Louboutin launched his line of high-end women’s shoes in France in 1991. Since 1992, his designs have incorporated the shiny, red-lacquered soles that have


become his signature. Since January 2011, Louboutin has requested YSL to stop selling red-soled shoes in the same boutiques in Manhattan as he does. He claims that as it is virtually identical to Louboutin’s use of the red-sole, it is likely to cause and is causing confusion, mistake and deception among the relevant purchasing public.

In 1992, Christian began incorporating the red sole into the design of all his footwear. Since then he has trademark the idea. To the right is displayed just one of Louboutin’s popular red lacquered high heel pumps. Styles such as these can fetch more than $1000 a pair!

Louboutin high heels

Yves Saint Laurent heels

To the left is a pair of Yves Saint Laurent red soled high heel pumps. Although the soles are red, they don’t appear to be much of a match of Louboutin’s use of red lacquer. It appears that YSL is actually matching the sole color to the shoe color on many styles, and not trying to impersonate or cause confusion. There are three styles in question — the Tribute, Palais and Woodstock. These styles also come in green and purple, with green and purple matching soles, respectively.

The law suit asks for a U.S. judge to impose $1 million in damages and order YSL to stop manufacturing similar designs.


We think Louboutin would be better off going after companies selling fakes and knockoffs, or even the manufacturers in China who are producing them. Louboutin isn’t stopping at Yves Saint Laurent. The company has filed a second lawsuit against Sao Paulo-based Carmen Steffens of Brazil for shoes with “rosette” soles. In order for these companies to win, they will most likely need to prove that the use of the color is functional.

Prom Fashion for 2011

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Prom season is quickly approaching. While many have already made all their arrangements, some are still trying to find the right dress, reserve their tux, make last minute floral orders, limo reservations and hair and tanning appointments.


Floral Prom Dress

Many girls look to their favorite movie and music stars for fashion ideas, seeing what they wear for the red carpet and award ceremonies and incorporating their own style. There are several key trends from floating florals, whimsical whites and charismatic colors to sparkling short dresses, one-shoulder gowns and Grecian goddess looks. It is said that ‘big’ and ‘bold’ and ‘beautiful’ are the key phrases this year. It’s everything from all-over sequins to lots of embellishments with ruffles, feathers and lace treatments. This is not a year for the meek and timid.

Images courtesy of eDressMeProm.com

There are several things to keep in mind when purchasing your shoes for prom. Comfort and ease of walking are of upmost importance. If you do decide on going with dyeable heels, make sure you allow for the time for the store to dye them. Most places require approximately one week time. Also keep in mind that they dye is water-soluble and will bleed or stain if exposed to moisture, custom dyed shoes look different indoors than they do outdoors, and finally it is not possible to get a perfect color match due to the textural differences between the shoe fabric and the dress material being matched (unless your shoes were made from the same fabric as the dress). Keep in mind that lower high heels and heels with an ankle strap are much easier to walk and dance in than are slip on mules and platformed high heels.


For the guys, classic black tuxedos with a snug fit and slim jacket are hot this year. If you want to go all dapper, then try a white dinner jacket a la James Bond. Guys most oftenly rent their tux and shoes and avoid alot of the outlay that the girls succumb to, but quite often are responsible for the cost of the limo rental, prom tickets and professional photographs taken at prom.