High Heel Knockoffs Used to Smuggle Cocaine

November 11, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - News

We have heard of many strange ways drug traffickers try to smuggle drugs into other countries, but just recently we read a story of one using high heels!

A four month investigation revealed that a 34-year-old man and his 24-year-old wife, both Colombian, headed up a ring of six members who were smuggling cocaine from Colombia to Spain in the form of fake Manolo heels. They molded paste-like cocaine into the shape of a shoe and slapped it with the designer Manolo Blahnik’s label. When the sexy stilettos arrived in Spain, the paste shoe would be returned to white powder form and sold for a street value of around $69,000 per pair. A total of $630,000 worth of cocaine was ceased from this ring.
Two of the smugglers attempted to get away and were apprehended after a high-speed car chase.

In the past, Spanish police have discovered cocaine shipments disguised as replica sculptures, a plaster cast protecting a man’s broken leg, and even a 42-piece tea set.

Spain’s proximity to Morocco, a key source of hashish, and close ties with its former colonies in Latin America, a major cocaine-producing region, have made it a major gateway into Europe for drug traffickers.

Happy Veterans Day

November 11, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - New Styles and Discontinued, News

We would like to wish all Veterans a Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for all you do for our people!

We would also like to apologize for the lack of recent posts. We have been busy updating our inventory and adding many new styles to our store. We have added many new high heel shoes and boots from several manufacturers, including many styles from the Betty Page collection. As we continue to add new product to our store, it is our goal to resume posting discussions to our blog that we think you may find of interest.