High Heel Torture

December 12, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - News

When most people hear the phrase ‘high heel torture’, they think about the pain women go through squeezing their feet into a pair of high heels, but in this case we are referring to a story originating in Germany. Two women who stepped on mice while wearing high heels to give a man perverse sexual stimulation have been convicted of animal cruelty by a court in central Germany.

The women, aged 29 and 25, made a film of their “animal crushing” exploits, having been promised a considerable amount of money for the video by an unnamed man. The women not only stepped on mice, but also two lizards and three geckos, and ran over 12 mice in a car on the video. They also filmed themselves burning mice with lit cigarettes.

The 29 year old woman was sentenced to a suspended sentence of nine months, and told to pay €500 to an animal protection organization. Her 25 year old friend is missing and could not be sentenced. No information is available about the man who was paying the two women to make the video as he is facing charges in a different case. The 29 year old claims that she did not torture the animals for fun, rather that she needed the money that she had been promised in order to move to the US and study business. Her dreams have been shattered as she is no longer allowed to enter the US.