Fitness & Proper Wear of High Heels in Gym Class?

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Whether women love to wear high heels or just love the attention they get when they do, many do not know how to walk in them properly or torture their bodies when they do.

Heel Hop There is now a gym class in Los Angeles, CA where one can go to not only get a workout, but also learn the how to properly wear high heels! Kamilah Barrett’s Heel Hop class at Muscle Mechanics is offering a low-impact workout which costs $15 for an hour long class, where 30 minutes is spent on toning and 30 minutes on tips for proper wear, spinal alignment, balance, and foot positioning. This sounds like a pretty good investment compared to the possible injury and discomfort that many women experience from improper wear.
Kamilah is famous for being a finalist on FOX’s “So you think you can Dance” and for being a lead dancer in music videos for 50 Cent and R. Kelly, just to name a couple. She has traveled the world as a professional choreographer, dancer, singer, and actress. She was first discovered by the music legend Prince.

Can’t make it to California for one of her classes? You can now purchase her training video online for $19.99. We are sure it can’t truly compare to taking her class, but until they are available in a gym near you, it may be the next best thing!


Tips to relieve high heel pain & discomfort Part 2

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Hello! Has everyone finished their holiday shopping yet? Not me, and there are only 6 more shopping days left. I hate waiting until the last minute, but somehow I seem to do it every year. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. Nevertheless as promised in my last post, here is the conclusion to my list of issues associated with wearing high heels and things you can do to help.

4. Stretching of the calf muscle is very important, but not done by over 90% of the people who wear high heels day to day. When a high heel shoe is worn your calf muscle is shortened. Over time this muscle will become weak and relaxed. Many people have stated that from wearing high heels everyday that wearing flats or tennis shoes are not comfortable and hurt the backs of their legs and sometimes cause their feet and legs to cramp. Now most of you reading this can remember or have seen babies and have seen how flexible they are. Some of you can remember being able to touch your head to your knee but find it impossible to do now as the muscles in your legs are no longer stretched and have grown to the position they are from your day to day habits. This is the same with high heels. If you do not keep the calf muscle stretched it will shorten over time and make wearing flats or even walking barefoot uncomfortable. A simple way to prevent this is to find a board or some solid and prop it up on something like a thick phone book creating a small ramp. The angle can be anywhere from a 30 degree angle to a 45 degree angle. Make sure if you prop something on a book that the book or object cannot slide or move. We recommend putting it against a wall. Now once you have little ramp, stand facing it putting your foot on the ramp while keeping your heel on the floor off the ramp. Now slowly lean forward until you feel it pulling on your calf muscle. Doing this simple exercise will help in keeping the calf muscle stretched and also help in preventing any prolonged damage to the calf muscle.

5. As always we recommend a heel that has ankle support of some sort, especially if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking or dancing. This is also more important when it comes to a higher heel vs a lower heel. Higher heels tend to be more unstable and a person can very easily twist their ankle or fall if their heel slides off to one side of the shoe. An ankle strap or some sort of ankle support can greatly reduce this.

We hope you take the time to read these simple tips and maybe put a few of them to use. In doing so you can help in making the holidays as pain free as possible and also help prevent yourself from twisting your ankle or hurting your back. Being laid up is no way to spend the holidays.


Tips to relieve high heel pain & discomfort Part 1

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Hello friends. The holidays are getting closer and closer and with this brings office parties, shopping and family gatherings. In short a lot more time wearing heels than normal. Everyone knows that wearing high heels can cause issues with your feet, but not everyone knows that very simple steps can help decrease the chances of damaging your feet and legs due to long term wearing of these types of shoes. I thought I would put together a short and to the point list of the most common issues associated with the wearing of high heels and simple things you can do to help prevent damage due to long term wearing of high heels and also relieve some of the pain of wearing such shoes. As this would make a very long post, I have decided to break this down into multiple posts.

1. Most women after wearing high heels all day just want to come home and kick them off due to the balls of their feet hurting. To relieve this some have turned to a Botox treatment that is geared towards injecting the balls of one’s foot with Botox to create a padding. This padding will help cushion the foot when walking or standing. Although this does help, there is another way of doing the same thing. Instead of the Botox treatment we recommend using an invisible gel pad that is put out by Dr. Scholl’s. This simple gel filled pad does the same thing as the Botox treatment but costs much less.

2. Wear shoes that fit! Believe it or not most women do not do this. Although high heels have a snug fit they should not be too tight. If you know you’re going to be on your feet all day or will be doing a lot of dancing we recommend wearing a sandal or a round toe pump as these tend to give your toes more room. Real pointy toe heels may look sexy but they also tend to squeeze your toes together causing pain. This pain increases throughout the day as the shoes stretch and your foot slides down deeper into the shoe.
Sandals themselves have their own issue as most women do not buy a sandal that fits properly. Most women when wearing sandals tend to have a strap that crosses just in front of the baby toe. This is also commonly seen on shoes that have an open toe with a solid vamp the covers the top of the foot. Sandals, if fitted properly, should expose all the toes and any straps or vamp should lay just behind the toe nail of the baby toe.

3. Do not wear a heel that is too high for you! Wearing high heels that are too high can cause back strain. It can also cause you to walk in an unorthodox manner making it much easier for you fall. There is a simple method we use to determine a persons max heel height, which is as follows. Stand facing a wall. Now rise up onto your toes as high as you can while keeping your knees straight. Use the wall to help balance you. Now have a friend measure the distance from the bottom of your heel to the floor. This is what we call your max heel height. Staying within this height we have found people being able to walk much easier with better posture and overall comfort. If you wish to wear heels higher than your max heel height, then we highly recommend a platform to achieve this.


Tips before you try Botox.

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Hello friends.

Another week has gone by and Halloween is getting closer and closer and the weather is getting colder and colder. I hope everyone is ready for the holiday, I know I’m looking forward to it as it is time I can spend with the kids.

I’m sure you all may have seen the news articles on the Botox treatment that is geared towards women who wear high heels to prevent what is being called “stilettotarsal”. Now I have searched medical terms and cannot find that anywhere, but for those that do not know what it means it is the newly derived term for the pain of the soft tissue on the ball of your foot. The treatment consists of a series of shots into the ball of the foot creating a Botox padding.
This padding allows that person to wear high heels for a longer period of time without the pain. The treatment is rather new and finding doctors that know how and where to give the shots are slim depending on where you live. Prices for this treatment is approximately $500 for those who can find a doctor that can and will administer the treatment. Please also note that Botox was not made for this reason and was originally released to combat frown lines and brow furrows in our ever growing quest for long term beauty and perfect looking skin. Now I’m not a doctor and I’m not going to go in to whether this treatment is good or bad for I feel we can make up our own minds on that one. But I do want to provide a list of alternative ideas to this treatment that woman can do now and maybe save them some time, money and yes, pain.

1: If you work in an office setting, take a pair of flats with you to work and leave your higher heels under your desk. The flats should be a pump style of shoe with a maximum of a 2 inch heel. These shoes still look stylish enough for the office while giving your feet a break. Save your higher heels for meetings and other events. Also while sitting at your desk take off your shoes and sit at your desk barefoot, leaving your flats where you can quickly put them on if you have to run.

2: Leave your heels at work or in your car. Driving in heels is not a good idea to begin with as it wears a hole in your floor mats and also wears on the heels themselves. While driving wear tennis shoes or flats and change into your heels once you get to work or get to your desk. I work with alot of women who do this. Some of them even put back on their tennis shoes and walk during lunch trying to keep their figure. Although tennis shoes do not give any type of sexy or flattering look, it does say here is someone who cares about what they look like. In this day and age it has become commonplace to see women in short skirts and tennis shoes before work, after work and during lunch.

3. Try and find heels with padding. Most single sole shoes do not have this or have very little, but mini platforms on the other hand tend to have more. The more padding the better for your feet as long as your foot does not slide causing a blister on the ball of your foot. I have even seen women take shoe inserts and stick them on their shoes with double sided tape. Some say it helps while others say that it tends to slide or fall out. If you are able to find a shoe that is well padded, no other padding should be needed.

4. Lastly, change what height of heel you wear. This is also important to give your feet a break from time to time. You do not always have to wear 5 inch heels, and changing to a 3 inch heel will give your feet a break, especially if you follow the rules above.

Although Botox can help for a short time with the pain I would rather see women, especially our customers, save themselves some money and pain and try some of the tips above. People are saying that Botox works for the short term, but no one knows what long term effect it will have or if you will do more harm than good over time. Yes we sell high heels and yes we have a passion for these shoes. And if you feel this treatment is right for you, then by all means try it. But you may want to consider trying some of the tips listed above and put that money in the bank, or better yet buy another pair of heels.