Men’s Lingerie?

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With the growing trend of man’s fashion freedom around the world today, gay and straight men can now not only purchase high heels especially made for men in all different styles and heel heights, but they can now purchase lingerie in women’s styles especially made for men.


The company HommeMystere, located in Australia, said their under garments include “comfortable men’s panties that really do fit, bra straps that don’t fall off the shoulder, teddies that don’t ride up halfway through the night and quality soft fabrics that feel great for all day wear”.  This is not the first time a company has ventured out and tried to make items styled or designed after women’s clothing for the male gender, and maybe unlike all the others this one will make a go of it. Over the past few years more and more straight and gay men alike have ventured out from behind closed doors in high heels, and even some performers have been seen daunting these irresistible shoes. The cry for men’s fashion freedom has grown so loud that manufacturers have started to respond by creating products to suit this growing niche.

men in lingerie

We here at The High Heel Store have also heard the calls and have helped many men find the product they desire. Whether it being a woman’s shoe in their size and style, or a high heel made for men, we strive to provide the product our customers want. Unfortunately we have also gotten feedback from several men that they do not want a high heel that is made for a man, but want a woman’s high heel that they could wear comfortably. We are eager to see how men react to this line. While most men who do have a passion and desire to wear women’s high heels and clothing, and they want it to be made for a woman, others choose to go with fit and as of now HommeMystere seems to be trying to fill the need of those men.


Is Wearing High Heels While Driving Dangerous?

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Is it dangerous to wear high heels while driving? Many ‘experts’ will say yes. This past Sunday, the Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel tested the myth "Spike heels and platforms may be the height of fashion, but does fancy footwear put you at risk on the road?".


Here we have Adam and Jamie donning red patent 4" stiletto high heel pumps. Both drove the same course wearing their normal shoes and wearing each different style of footwear to be tested.

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The team tested bulky snowshoes, silver glitter wedges, and high heel pumps.


Adam believed it seemed harder to drive wearing each pair of these shoes, but overall they both drove just as well and matched their control time (same test wearing their everyday shoes). Most men and women that wear heels will not be driving in the same manner as was done in this test. MythBUSTED!!
When asked about feeling uncomfortable wearing these high heels, Jamie said that there was nothing wrong with wearing them…he is secure in his manhood. It’s just another day on the job!

PA Man Steals High Heels From Retail Store

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We were reading an interesting news article in the Intelligencer Journal / Lancaster New Era which was published on November 03, 2010. We thought we would share it and put in our own thoughts.

The night of November 1, 2010, a Lancaster, PA man grabbed a pair of women’s high-heel shoes, put them on and walked out of a Park City Center store, police allege.

Eckman, 22, picked out a pair of Elle heels — which cost $69.99 — in the Kohl’s store, then he took them inside a men’s fitting room in the shoe department, where he put them on, city police said.

He then put the shoe box in a shopping bag and left the store. He was stopped outside Kohl’s wearing the size 10 heels. His own shoes were in the shoe box inside his shopping bag, police said.

Because he has two prior retail theft convictions, Eckman was charged with felony retail theft, police said. He also was charged with giving police a false name. He was arraigned and sent to Lancaster County Prison in lieu of $50,000 cash bail.

Did he not think he would draw attention wearing heels to begin with? And to try to get away running in heels? No offense intended, but yet another dumb criminal to go on the list.


Latest Male Celebrity in High Heels

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It is rather common to see female celebrities doing a photo shoot in high heel shoes, but it is a rare occurrence to see a man. To many peoples surprise it is becoming more common. The most
recent male celebrity spotted donning high heels was Quentin Tarantino. There was a spread in the New York Times T Magazine, which is primarily a style publication. In the photo shoot Tarantino was wearing a pair of high heels, holding a bra in one hand and a highball glass of something in the other. The photo shoot was meant to promote ‘‘Inglourious Basterds’’, Tarantino’s latest film in which he is the writer and director, which is due out mid to late August.
Maybe as more and more US male celebrities are seen wearing high heels, maybe it will become more acceptable for any man who wants to express his fashion freedom.

Chinese Men Run Race in Heels

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Recently during one of the festivals in China, both men and women have been running back and forth along a twenty meter long track that included hurdles. However, this was not your average foot race; women were required to wear 10cm (roughly 4-inch) heels, while men were required to wear 8cm (roughly 3 1/4-inch) heels during the race. The two week long event

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included races for men, women, and couples. All participants were within the age range of 18 to 55. The winner of each category received a prize of the equivalence to £100 (about $151.62) as well as coupons. Regardless of the men’s inexperience in running, or even wearing heels, there were no injuries reported.
It makes one wonder why Americans frown upon men wearing heels, as compared to in many Asian societies. They seem not to have any problems with it. It also brings into mind the newer story about one of the runway models falling due to her heel height; if men who do not have experience in wearing heels can manage to run a foot race while jumping hurdles with ease, why can’t a model who wears heels on a daily basis keep her footing while walking? If there are any men brave enough to want to try a foot race in heels try out our line of high heels for men.

High Heels For Men in True Mens Sizes!

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During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, high heels were an indicator of wealth and status for both men and women. This held true until the Revolution where men and women stopped wearing them to try and hide their noble stature. Since that time high heels for men were no longer mainstream. In the nineteenth century high heels were introduced here in the USA, but since it came after the Revolution they were only seen worn by women. High heels for men tried to make a come back during the 70′s disco era and have been seen off and on being worn by a few performers on stage.
Over the last 3-4 years I have seen a growing increase of men wearing high heels. Now these men are not only cross dressers and transsexuals, but straight men as well who just desire ‘fashion freedom’ or men
who just love the look and feel that only this type of shoe can give. Seeing this demand I started talking to many manufacturers here in the USA and in China trying to get them to manufacture high heel shoes
for men in men’s sizes, on a men’s last, but I was never able to get this done. Although I was not able to accomplish the task of having high heels for men made, another gentleman named Bernie J. Fatla has been able to. Bernie has been able to do what I was not, and that is to have high heel shoes made on a mens last in true men’s sizes! I have talked to Bernie and we are proud to announce that we are now carrying his full line of high heel shoes and boots designed for men. Unlike other sites that offer women’s shoes in larger sizes and converting them to men’s sizes and claiming that they are high heels for men, this new line of shoes is different. They are truly made on a men’s last and are in men’s sizes…they are men’s shoes. You may have noticed that I am trying to stress the point that this new line of shoes are truly high heels made for men and that these are not women’s shoes. I am doing this because this is truly a big deal. Men’s fashion freedom has become more pronounced in the recent years and I have had customers asking me where can they get product that actually fits. I have talked to numerous manufacturers, but none of them heard my calls. I am very happy that someone finally did. Bernie is the only person in the country that has these shoes, but I am sure that he will not be the only one for long.Will this result in a true fashion revolution here in the states? I saw the demand for this product, Bernie saw the demand for this product and is working very diligently to fill the void and answer the calls of many men. Is this the beginning of a new trend? It is almost commonplace in the UK to see a male walking down the street in some sort of heel. Has the call for men’s fashion freedom been answered?

Please visit our store to see the full line of high heels for men