Hot New Alternative Styles Just Added

April 10, 2014 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - New Styles and Discontinued

We have just finished adding a bunch of new high heel shoes and boots to our alternative collection. Below are just a few of the hottest new styles you can expect to find.

Dangerously hot best describes this shoe, the newest addition to the signature spinal heel collection. This pump is decorated all around with silver, metal spikes and several bigger spikes on the toe and heel.
Make a statement with these boots! Custom cut scale like flaps on the upper portion of the boots with matching metal chains around the ankle. Spikes line the toe and back covered heel of the boot. 1" concealed platform and 5" heel. Available in 4 different colors!
This sneaker wedge features faux-fur trim, lace-up design on the side, signature metal butterfly, and adjustable flame buckles. The spikes on the toe and heel add an edgy touch. The 1.5" hidden wedge makes this sneaker extremely comfortable and side zipper makes it easy to put on. COMING IN MAY.

If none of these are quite what you are looking for, come check out the rest of the collection. You won’t be dissappointed!


Halloween Costume Shoes and Boots

September 17, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - New Styles and Discontinued

We have just finished adding (and removing) several styles of high heel costume shoes and boots under our costume footwear category just in time for Halloween! Don’t forget about your husband, wife or kids, as there are many new styles just for them. We now have over 150 styles to pick from. These selections aren’t just great for Halloween, but also for cheerleaders, theater productions or just wanting a new look.

We are also offering special savings up to 10% off your purchase, including first time purchasers, without entering any special coupon codes at checkout or membership. Start shopping today and check out the savings! Don’t forget that we offer free ground shipping on any order over $75 within the 48 continental US states.


Out With the Old and In With the New

August 27, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - New Styles and Discontinued

We have been busy this week adding several new styles in many different categories, especially in the 5 inch platforms. It’s a very exciting time of year as new styles come out, some older styles get retired, to make more


high heels

room. You will find some really great savings on some of the high heel styles that are being discontinued, but inventory is very limited, so act fast to get in on those deals. You will find these deals throughout our site in the regular categories. Just look for items with details like
" Market price: $68.00 / Our price: $40.00 / save 41%".

With Halloween a little over 2 months away, we will be adding more styles into our costume footwear category over the next couple of weeks, so please keep an eye out for some really cool costume shoes and boots, even for kids and men!


New Products Being Added

May 30, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - New Styles and Discontinued

We have just added over a dozen 9″ high heel platform sandals and one pair of 9″ platform knee high boots to our store. These are currently only available in US women’s size 5 through 9, but we have already been requested to carry even larger sizes. We will be adding some 10″ platforms to our store in the next day or two as well, so as always check back often!


Alternative and Halloween Costume Shoes & Boots

September 13, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - High Heel Fashion, New Styles and Discontinued

We have been busy doing a little fall cleaning — removing discontinued products and adding new and exciting styles to our collection. First off, we have added a new category, Alternative, to our selection. We have added items from Hades Footwear and Demonia. Hades offers a beautiful collection of intricately designed shoes made not only with elegance but a dangerously addictive sex appeal.


Steampunk shoes

Many of the styles in this new category are considered "steampunk". Steampunk fashion has no set guidelines, but tends to synthesize modern styles influenced by the Victorian era. This style is often embellished with wildly creative bits of hardware or technology that might have been conceived by a Victorian mind. You will find rivets, spikes, gears, heels made of metal and many other intriguing items. We have shoes, from flats, creepers and platform heels, to ankle boots and knee high boots.

Sky Captain

We have also been busy adding more selection to our costume footwear category. We have even more choices for the children, women and men to pick from. Halloween is only 47 days away. Most stores are already selling costumes and candy for the big night! Don’t wait too long to get the shoes or boots you need to totally set off your costume. Quantities are limited and if you wait too long you may not get the size or style that fits just perfectly. We have styles to go with just about any costume.

Now is the time to come check out our new additions!

Welcoming New High Heels and Prom Shoes

January 19, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - New Styles and Discontinued

We apologize for not posting in a while. We have been busy adding new styles and removing those which have been discontinued.

As many are already looking forward to spring and warmer weather, we have been busy adding many new styles of high heels, prom shoes and others. There are many new additions to our 4″ heels and 5″ platform heels. We are also having to say goodbye to some styles as the demand for them has faded. As always, as we try and keep our prices as low as possible, UPS and USPS have unfortunately increased their shipping rates. We are not making any changes to our shipping charges at this time, and hope to be able to keep them where they have been since our store opened. Our ground shipping charges are usually much less than what it actually costs.

Continue to check back often as there are still more additions and changes to come!


Happy Veterans Day

November 11, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - New Styles and Discontinued, News

We would like to wish all Veterans a Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for all you do for our people!

We would also like to apologize for the lack of recent posts. We have been busy updating our inventory and adding many new styles to our store. We have added many new high heel shoes and boots from several manufacturers, including many styles from the Betty Page collection. As we continue to add new product to our store, it is our goal to resume posting discussions to our blog that we think you may find of interest.


Halloween Costume Shoes and Boots

September 09, 2009 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - New Styles and Discontinued
No costume is complete without the right shoes or boots to compliment it. Halloween will be here in a little over a month.

pirate boots

We have added many new styles with this in mind. Whether you are planning on being a nurse, super hero, pirate or cheerleader, we have the Halloween footwear to complete your look. You should start planning early so you can assure that you get the shoes
you need in the correct size. If you wait until the last moment you might get stuck with the wrong size or an item that goes, but isn’t that exact item to make it just perfect, or you may end up paying alot more than you expected in order to get them in mens hero boots
time. We will be adding even more items over the next few weeks as some items are just arriving in inventory. We have costume shoes and boots for kids, women and men. Our styles include those from manufacturers such as Leg Avenue, Penthouse, Ellie and Bordello by Pleasers.

Bordello Collection Now Available

May 31, 2009 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - High Heel Fashion, New Styles and Discontinued
We have finished adding a new collection shoes and boots to our store. The Bordello collection of heels range from 2″ to 5 3/4″ in heel height, featuring glitter, satin, rhinestones, sequins and velvet. These new items include booties, peep toe sandals, pumps, slides, ankle and knee high boots. This is a truly sophisticated line of footwear perfect for special events including weddings, proms, pageants or if you just want to be noticed.
High heel closed heel sandal The Rosa-02, shown left, features a 3 3/4″ heel, closed heel, and flower accent on the vamp. It is available in baby pink satin as shown, black satin and champagne satin. This beautiful shoe is perfect for bridesmaids or the mother of the bride.
The Courtess-1025, shown right, is a front lacing 5″ platform calf high boot with glitter and rear lace up accent. This item is available in gold as shown, green and baby pink. Glitter calf high boot
Mary Jane platform pump The Teeze-07L, shown left, is a 5 3/4″ concealed platform Mary Jane style pump with lace overlay decor. This shoe comes in hot pink as shown, lime green, red and nude.
These three items are just a sample of the exquisite new styles now available for purchase.

Gun Heeled Shoes

November 10, 2008 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - High Heel Fashion, New Styles and Discontinued
Well another week and we go from the stress of an election to the stress of the holidays. With all that we do not really need any added stress, especially stress over our shoes. Now you may or may not have seen all the images or read all the stories of the new lines that are coming out this spring, as there are many and most of them I like.
There is one shoe though in particular I would like to point out as I feel it has a major design flaw. This shoe is the Gun Heel that was designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Shoes and were seen in Miami at the 2009 Resort Runway Presentation. Now before we go into the many flaws
of this shoe, I would like to go on record that I’m not in any way trying to put down or discredit Karl or Chanel in any way. I love their products and I believe Karl’s designs are top notch and they reflect his passion for what he does, as he is truly one of the best. With that though I have to also state that it is not the design but the construction of this shoe that I believe is flawed. Many times a designer has an idea and on paper it looks great, but it is not feasible or structurally sound. This is what I believe happened here.
To the left you see and image of a Gun Heel shoe. While this shoe looks great, it has what I believe are flaws that will lead to the breaking of the heel and possibly injury to the wearer. I would like to point out first the white arrows, drawing your attention to the thickness of the material. This is not thick enough to prevent wobbling of the heel in a side to side motion or back to front. This wobble will cause undue strain on the mounting point “purple arrow” causing it to
eventually fatigue and break. The next factor in this is the point of the heel “the blue arrow”. The shape of this is round making it very easy for the heel to rock back and forth. Although this normally would not be a factor as most heels are round, it’s placement makes it so. As seen by the red line, the point is in front of the heel of the foot on the person wearing it and is not located under it as most heels are, which makes it so the persons weight is not centered over the heel but behind it. Which brings me to the green arrow. The gap here is the main issue. This gap lets the back of the shoe drop down putting even more stress on the thin material and the mounting screw. If the handle of the gun was fastened to the bottom of the shoe eliminating this gap then there would not be an issue. But as it stands, the 1 1/4″ area shown by the purple arrow is all that is preventing this heel from moving and it is not enough.
This is my view of how this shoe should be made. I tried to keep the overall look of the shoe in mind while also fixing any possible issues. I started by increasing the thickness of the shoe bottom to prevent any possible wobble of the heel as weight is applied from the person wearing the shoe. I then flattened the barrel of the gun giving the heel more surface area to the ground. Then I changed the handle of the gun slighty to remove
the gap and also to provide another fasten point to secure the heel to the shoe. Lastly I branded the handle of the gun with their logo not only to add accent to the gun, but also to show at a glance the brand. These few changes I believe would make this shoe much easier to walk in and also make the shoe itself last much longer then its predecessor.

The Highest Heel also has come out with their own version of this shoe that is available now. You don’t have to wait until spring ’09 to get yourself a pair of gun heels, nor pay hundreds of dollars to get them. We are carrying the new gun heels designed by Highest Heel / Global Footwear. Now these are not the same design as those by Chanel, nor do they carry the same price tag or possible flaws. There are two pair of sandals, one pair of pumps and one pair of calf high boots that feature this unique designed heel, all of which are a five inch platform. You can find these shoes on our site quickly by searching the word “Gun” without the quotes in the search box.