Shoe types and their meanings

Here is a list of shoe types and their meanings that are commonly searched.

Ankle High: A boot the covers the ankle.

Ballet Heels: A fetish shoe or boot that is made at an extreme angle that the wearer is standing on their toes. These shoes and boots are single sole and heel heights are around 7 inches.

Bondage Shoes. A shoe that the ankle strap is physically locked closed with a small pad lock that keeps the foot in ‘bondage’. These shoes sometimes also have tie down rings sewn to the outsides of the ankles.

Chap Boots: A crotch boot that has a piece of material sewn to the outside that comes up over the hips and attaches to a belt that wraps around the waist.

Convertible Heel: A new type of shoe where the heel can be changed to different heights.

Crotch Boots: A boot the covers the entire leg up to the crotch.

Costume Shoes: A term that describes any shoe or boots that is themed. These shoes and boots are usually themed to a profession like cop, firefighter, mobster or clown. These shoes can be made from the same quality material and worn everyday. This term does not necessarily mean cheaply made or plastic.

D’Orsay: A shoe that has both sides cutout between the back of the toes and the ankle.

Drug Shoe: A shoe that has a upper made from Hemp. Some people use this term to advertise anti drug shoes as well that have slogans on them like “shoes are my anti-drug”.

Emo Shoes: Another term for Gothic shoes.

Gothic Shoes: These shoes are usually solid black or black with pink, red or green. They are dark or morbidly themed, often with skulls.

Green Shoes: These shoes or boots are made from all earth friendly non-manmade materials.

Gun Heeled: Any high heel shoe or boot that uses a hand gun or part of a hand gun as the heel.

Hooker Heels: A slang term for any platform heel that has a 3-4 inch platform.

Knee High: A boot that cover the leg to just below the knee

Lobster Claw Heel: A shoe / bootie that resembles a lobster’s claw due to it’s unique curved shape of the shoe and heel. Made popular by Alexander McQueen.

Mary Jane: A closed shoe that has a rounded or square toe. These shoes also have a strap that crosses over the top of the foot about midway between the toes and the ankle.

Mandals: Another word for “men’s aandals”. An open toe sandal usually similar to a Roman’s sandal that has straps crossing or the top of the foot. Mandals also include cage type sandals and even thong type sandals.

Mantyhose: Also called guylons or brosiery. Another word for pantyhose worn by men. Although sometimes called guylons. The difference between guylons and mantyhose is mantyhose are pantyhose type stockings for men where as guylons are either thigh high or knee high stockings.

Meels: Another word for “man heels”. Typically a black leather ankle boot with a squared toe, block heel, and concealed platform.

Mini-Platform: Any platform shoe or boot that has less than a 1 inch thick sole.

Mule: Type of shoe that does not have an ankle strap. They usually have a larger vamp to help hold the shoe on.

Open Toe Sandal: A shoe that exposes all of the toes. These shoes also have open sides and an ankle strap.

Open Toe Shoe:  A shoe that exposes all of the toes. The sides of these shoes are closed and may or may not have an ankle strap.

Oxford: A closed toe and foot lace up shoe. These shoe are usually plain with little styling.

Peep-Toe: A close toe shoe except for one small hole, usually in the middle exposing the middle toes or in the front inside exposing the big toe.

Pumps: Any single sole heel that the toes, sides and back is closed. These shoes may or may not have an ankle strap.

Recyclable Heels: Introduced by Jean Paul Gaultier at the 2010 fashion show. These shoes are made from 100% recyclable products such as rubber and plastic.

Sandal: Term used to describe any open toe shoe that has an ankle strap.

Sexy Shoes: A term usually referring to a shoe that has a defined heel. These shoes are also usually a strappy sandal that has an ankle strap and a 4 to 5 inch heel.

Single Sole: Any shoe or boot that does not have any type of platform.

Slide: Another name for a mule.

Slingback: Type of ankle strap that wraps around the back of the heel only.

Slut Shoes: A slang term used to describe any single sole shoe that has a heel height of 5 – 5 3/4 inches.

Springolator Shoes: Introduced in 1956 by Beth and Herbert Levine this shoe has an elastic band that contours to the bottom of the foot to create tension and help prevent the foot from sliding.

Steampunk Shoes: Footwear based upon a genre which originated during the 1980s and early 1990s and incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror, and speculative fiction.

Stripper Shoes: Term usually referring to a platform shoe that has at least a 3 inch thick sole.

Tabi: A closed toe shoe or boot that has a piece of material separating the big toe from the rest. This separation goes all the way through the shoe, including the sole. These shoes and boots are also referred to as ninja shoes.

Thigh High: A boot that covers the leg up to the thigh.

Thongs: Any open toe shoe that has a small piece of material that separates the big toe from the rest.

Tire Shoes: A shoe or boot that is made from a tire. These shoes are usually sandals that are made from cutting apart an old tire and using the tread of the tire for the sole of the shoe.

Toner Shoes: A shoe or sandal which is designed to help burn more calories, tone muscles, improve posture and more. They often have a rounded sole like a rocking chair, to stretch the wearer’s leg muscles with each stride.

Vegan Shoes: These shoe are made from all man-made or natural materials like hemp, wicker, fake suede and leather like materials. They can and will not be made from any animal.

Wedge Heel: Type of shoe or boot that has undefined heel. These shoes have a solid bottom with a one piece sole.