Halloween Savings

October 17, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - News

Halloween is almost here and the rush is on! Now through October 25, 2012 we are offering a special 10% off any purchase over $50. This does not include the cost of shipping. To take advantage of these savings, enter Halloween10 for coupon code in your shopping cart. Act fast as certain styles and sizes of our most popular costume shoes and boots are becoming very limited in availability. Don’t forget, we have styles for women, men and children!


Welcoming New High Heels and Prom Shoes

January 19, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - New Styles and Discontinued

We apologize for not posting in a while. We have been busy adding new styles and removing those which have been discontinued.

As many are already looking forward to spring and warmer weather, we have been busy adding many new styles of high heels, prom shoes and others. There are many new additions to our 4″ heels and 5″ platform heels. We are also having to say goodbye to some styles as the demand for them has faded. As always, as we try and keep our prices as low as possible, UPS and USPS have unfortunately increased their shipping rates. We are not making any changes to our shipping charges at this time, and hope to be able to keep them where they have been since our store opened. Our ground shipping charges are usually much less than what it actually costs.

Continue to check back often as there are still more additions and changes to come!


Invisible High Heels

February 02, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - The Celebrity Look

We were just reading through some news and came upon these very unique high heels and thought we would share with our readers.

Sao Paulo, Brazil, designer Andreia Chaves created these extraordinary “invisible shoes”, which are made from a faceted mirrored surface allowing the shoe to reflect different angles of the environment around it thus camouflaging itself with its surroundings.

These shoes are supposedly now available for purchase in Europe and Asia. We were unable to find any for retail purchase. We can imagine that they will be quite pricey!


Honeysuckle to be THE Color of 2011

December 16, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - News

Prepare to see alot of pink in 2011! "Honeysuckle" is the color of 2011. This was chosen by Pantone Color Institute, the company that largely sets color standards for the fashion and home industries.


A dynamic reddish pink, Honeysuckle is "encouraging and uplifting. It elevates our psyche beyond escape, instilling the confidence, courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life".

Honeysuckle color products are currently available from a variety of manufacturers, including products such as sneakers, apparel, paint, appliances, make-up, and even credit cards! It (honeysuckle) works for a variety of ages and styles, says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, noting that they used it for both their upscale collection and their more contemporary line. "It’s a positive, strong, affirmative color, and I think that’s what hopefully everyone’s attitude is going into next year."
Honeysuckle can be worn for casual and formal occasions and it’s not limited to spring and summer, designer James Mischka says. The way to wear it is either against white or all on its own, he says, noting it doesn’t pair well with black. It is complementary to blues, greens and oranges, though, which will also work in the homes arena, according to Eiseman.

So if you are still looking for a last minute idea for Christmas, keep in mind that turquoise is out and honeysuckle is hot!


Wearing Flip Flops as Harmful as Wearing 3 Inch Heels?

June 10, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Advice and Assistance, News
Who would think that wearing flip flops could be just as harmful as wearing 3 inch high heels?
Justin Shroyer, an assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette has recently performed a study of more than 100 people wearing flip-flops, looking at how the shoes affect legs and feet. His findings were that when one wears flip-flops, the muscles on the front of the shins (tibialis anterior) work harder than they do when people are barefoot. The increased muscle activity may be a result of the toes trying to grip the shoe to keep it in place. Flip-flops also shorten your stride length and can cause pain in your lower legs. Some short-term issues related to flip-flop use would be heel and arch pain, tendinitis, shin splints, sprains, splinters, cuts, and toe injuries. Long-term problems might be stress fractures, bunions, hammertoes, and neuromas. Flip flops by Old Navy
Flip flops by Aetrex

Most physicians recommend that if one insists on wearing flip flops, the more the shoe conforms to your foot, the better off your foot and leg will be, something similar to what is shown to the left. The wider the straps, the better. Also, try to get a sandal with a back strap. Back straps take some of the stress off your toes and decrease the demand for them to work so hard.

Even with a comfortable flip-flop, you should limit your use to no more than a few hours of wear, as is recommended with the wearing of heels. Foot exercises are also a good idea, no matter if you wear flats, sneakers or high heels.

Import Fees on Footwear on the Rise in Europe

May 28, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - News

Most everyone is aware that not only the US has been suffering economically.

We have discussed a couple times in the past the Affordable Footwear Act. No, none of the current manufacturers of footwear in the US oppose the Affordable Footwear Act. This is because we do not make the kind of shoes here in the US that are being imported from China to be sold here. But while people here are fighting to eliminate the import fees on footwear being imported from China, China’s Commerce Ministry imposed a 96.5% duty on certain types of nylon imports from the US, more than doubling a preliminary anti-dumping tariff of 36.2% set last October. In the meantime the European Union, Russia and Taiwan were assessed anti-dumping penalties in October’s ranging between 4% to 23.9%.

We would like to explain what an anti-dumping duty is. It is a penalty imposed upon suspiciously low-priced imports, to increase their price in the importing country and so protect local industry from unfair competition. Anti-dumping duties are assessed generally in an amount equal to the difference between the importing country’s FOB price of the goods and (at the time of their importation) the market value of similar goods in the exporting country or other countries.

In Europe the economy is hurting as well. Unlike the US though they have extended import duties of up to 16.5 percent on Chinese shoes.

In December, Brussels extended import duties of up to 16.5 per cent on Chinese shoes, claiming that they unfairly undercut the cost of EU producers.

The European Footwear Alliance, estimates that EU consumers and businesses could lose hundreds of millions of euros through 2011. Meanwhile, the charges could generate euro 1 billion in tariffs, without helping Europe recoup lost manufacturing jobs because shoes from China and Vietnam are now being replaced by imports from other emerging countries.

The charges add between 9.7 percent and 16.5 percent to the import price of Chinese shoes and 10 percent to Vietnamese shoes. The EU says that equates to price jumps less than euro 1.50 for shoes that sell for euro 50, because the product is being imported at a price around euro 9.

So why are we trying to make it better for China to sell their goods here in the US while they are making it even harder for us to sell our goods in China?


High Heel Crocs

April 18, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - High Heel Fashion, News

Almost a year ago we posted a story ‘Is it the End of Crocs??‘. Much to our surprise, no it is not. But who would have ever imagined that Crocs would have strayed off into making high heels for women? They have invited footwear fans to “Feel the Love™” with 20 new styles in their spring / summer lines for women, men and children.

To the right is shown the Sately, one of the new Retro-inspired wedge styles for summer 2010, which retails for $39.99 a pair. This item is available in five different colors in sizes 4-11.

To the left you is shown the Conse, a 3.5 inch leather pump, which sells for $90 a pair. This style is part of the ‘YOU by crocs™ ‘ line, and has been on the market for several months. Reviews for these heels have been rather positive, especially among women who are used to wearing heels of this height several hours a day and usually complain of pain. With these they find it easier and more enjoyable to wear high heels.

Shown to the right is the Ambler, a men’s fur-lined ankle boot. Created for the winter months, the price of this item is currently reduced due to the season. It is not known if these will be restocked for winter 2010 / 2011.

Many people feel that Crocs is making a mistake by branching off in this direction. One brand strategy firm stated they "should skip the heels and stick to its strengths". Crocs made it’s good reputation due to the comfort that their footwear offers. If these new additions to their line can offer the comfort that other manufacturers

cannot provide, then why not go for it? They would like for consumers to "think past that ugly-but-comfortable clog with the goofy holes and think more of, well, regular shoes". Those of you who disliked the original Crocs, do you think these new styles could sway you back?

High Heels Made from Elephant Crap??

March 13, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - High Heel Fashion, News

I thought I had seen just about everything, but surprise, something has pooped up to make me think again! High heels dipped in elephant dung?!? Is this pushing the natural material idea a little far? Since when has crap had a place in fashion or art? And since when has “that looks like crap” been a good thing? I guess now…


London-based designer INSA, who is already known for his joint venture with shoe designer Ruth Shaw with the label INSA HEELS, is responsible for these 10" platform heels dipped in elephant dung. These high heels are part of a new art exhibit at the Tate Britain. This piece is entitled “Anything goes when it comes to (s)hoes…” which will be included in a larger exhibition of work where several artists respond to Chris Ofili’s controversial The Holy Virgin Mary made from elephant dung. INSA is a fine artist and designer who has established himself from a graffiti background through extensive street level work and gallery shows around the world.


To the left you can see the exquisite bead work that has gone into this piece of art. This crap work is anything but crap!! Just like the collection of heels available from INSA Heels. Their styles are far from ordinary. Each unique style is a piece of art with prices that start around $250 per pair! Just as much as one would pay for a pair of heels designed by Chanel, Leboutin, or Vuitton. This could be one heck of a conversation piece for those who like to shoot the sh*t!



Fashion World Saddened by Death of McQueen

February 14, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - News

The fashion world has been saddened by the news of Alexander McQueen’s death on February 11th. The 40 year old British fashion designer was found dead in his luxurious London home by his housekeeper. No official cause of death has been reported, but it appears that it may have been suicide as he had been grieving the loss of his mother, who died 9 days prior.

Born Lee Alexander McQueen, he was well known for his unconventional designs, shock tactics and for earning the British Designer of the Year award four times. McQueen dressed several stars, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Nicole Kidman. He opened stores in New York, London, Milan, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, licensed his name for fragrances, created a lower-priced line called McQ, and made collections of sneakers and suitcases for the athletic company Puma.

Like when most artists die, this will probably increase the value of the pieces which he designed: clothing, sexy shoes and accessories. His contribution to the industry will be greatly missed.


Siriano’s Spring 2010 Heel Design

February 07, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - High Heel Fashion

Last spring’s hot design for high heels was Chanel’s gun heel which was worn by Madonna to a movie premiere in 2008. At a price tag of over $2000 a pair, many people went looking for a look-a-like.


This spring is to see the release of Alexander McQueen’s ‘lobster claw’ heel. I’m sure most everyone has seen them and heard the stories about models refusing to wear them on the catwalk. There is mixed reaction from the public, ranging from they are to die for down to they are completely hideous.

Like normal there is expected to be a release of what one may call a look-a-like, or possibly an improvement on the original idea.


Christian Siriano, season 4 winner of ‘Project Runway’, who interned with McQeen, is said to be launching three styles this spring, exclusive to Payless, which have a McQueen-esque style. These wild, watercolor-and-sequin embellished platforms from the runway are supposed to hit stores in mid-March, retailing for $79.99 a pair.

In December 2008, Siriano signed a deal to desing a line of low-cost shoes and handbags for Payless. In the fall of 2009 his designs were available for purchase. There are currently 10 shoes styles and one handbag style available at Payless, with a price tag as low as $29.99.