The Best and Worst Fashion Trends of the Past Decade

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The past decade has seen many different fashion trends come and go, some new and some old. There are several trends that appear on both sides of the best and worst list.

Best Fashion Trends

1. Leggings. They have been a great fashion addition from this last decade, allowing women to keep their legs covered, yet shapely, in all sorts of fun fabrics and colors. You can pair them with any length dress, or wear them under pants as a way to keep warm.

2. Classic ballet flats. They are comfortable and can be dressed down or up depending on what you pair it with.



3. Uggs. They are great to wear as house-shoes and to go around town.

4. Crocs. They are great for outside wear, remarkably sturdy, and an essential summer fashion item.

5. 80’s colors / clothes.

6. The casual woman in all of us loved the sweat pant as a must-wear.

7. Making high fashion accessible and popular for the masses.

8. For those not want to commit and wanting to experiment, fake tattoos.

track suits
Harem Pants

Worst Fashion Trends

1. Harem Pants: Looking Aladdin-chic lasted about a hot second.

2. Hobo-Chic: Roll out of bed, throw on a cloak, and add some Louboutin heels to the mix.


4. Leggings as pants: Tron-inspired leggings, sequin-adorned, "jeggings."

5. Destroyed Denim: At what point did it ever make sense to drop hundreds of dollars on a pair of jeans that already look like they’re 10 years old?

6. Uggs: From trendy to just plain Ugg-ly.

7. The Juicy Tracksuit: Reaching its height in popularity around 2003, the Juicy Couture tracksuit now serves as the base of many Halloween costumes.

1980's fashion

8. Visible Thongs: Now teenage girls think it’s hip to let their thongs hang out of their lower-than-low-cut jeans.

9. ’80s Re-Revival: How many times will we hear "the ’80s are back"?

10. Jersey Everything: Draped jersey everywhere in 2007 and 2008.

11. "Ironic" Hipster Fashions: Granny glasses, mustaches, acid-wash jeans, plaid, Arab scarves, and pretty much anything American Apparel ever produced since 2000.


Wearing jeans with high heels.

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The GaGa look.

There are many, many ways to make men go gaga, including short skirts and low cut tops. But there are also ways to do it without exposing anything! High heels have this power over men and even turn on some women for that matter. In this article we are going to discuss wearing jeans with high heels. Jeans, if fit properly, give your legs and butt a sexy defined shape and movement that is nicely accented with a pair of high heels. But not just any heel will do. So here are a few things to think about before you go out to insure you turn heads while strutting your stuff.

1. Jeans themselves come in many different styles and colors. When shopping for jeans, look for a tapered leg, not a boot cut, as a boot cut tends to make legs look thicker than they are. Stretch jeans are good for that tight butt look but you do not want them tight by the ankle as you want the jeans to come down over the top of the foot to about midway between the very back of the toes and ankle. If your legs are on the thicker side, finding jeans that fit properly to your leg may be hard as they will tend to fit in one area but not the other. Do not give up hope just yet. If you know your waist measurement then head over to the men’s section of the store. These jeans are cut differently and you may find that they fit you better. You want to look for a relaxed fit when looking through men’s jeans. The big issue when trying on men’s jeans is the crotch. Make sure you do not buy a pair that has material bunched up in that area.

2. Now that you have a pair of jeans, the type of heel you add to them is also very imporant. With jeans you want to wear a higher heel.
A 3 – 5 inch heel is the best for this look. You can also wear a heel with a mini-platform as they work very nicely. If you choose to go with the mini-platform, try to find one that has a silver accent line or some sort of accent, but do not go overboard.

3. When the jeans are worn with the heels, the jeans should come down to or just below the arch of your foot hiding your ankle and some of the top part of the foot. This leaves only the heel and toe area showing.
A. You can wear open or closed toe shoes with the look, but if you decide to wear open toe sandals make sure you paint your nails a bright color like a bright red or blue. Also make sure the heels you pick are not too strappy. You do not want to cover the exposed part of your foot with straps. Pick a heel that either has a clear section or only has 2 or 3 straps crossing the foot.
B. If choosing a closed toe, you also do not want to pick a shoe that covers the entire top of the foot as you want to leave a little skin showing. Pointy toe shoes work best, but if you want to wear a rounded or square toe, try to find a pair in a PU and not patent as the patent will take away from the look due to the shininess of the shoe.

We have found that black or dark colored heels go best with blue jeans where colored heels like blue or red go better with black jeans. White heels just do not seem to work very well and should not be worn with jeans.