Latest Male Celebrity in High Heels

May 28, 2009 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Men Wearing High Heels
It is rather common to see female celebrities doing a photo shoot in high heel shoes, but it is a rare occurrence to see a man. To many peoples surprise it is becoming more common. The most
recent male celebrity spotted donning high heels was Quentin Tarantino. There was a spread in the New York Times T Magazine, which is primarily a style publication. In the photo shoot Tarantino was wearing a pair of high heels, holding a bra in one hand and a highball glass of something in the other. The photo shoot was meant to promote ‘‘Inglourious Basterds’’, Tarantino’s latest film in which he is the writer and director, which is due out mid to late August.
Maybe as more and more US male celebrities are seen wearing high heels, maybe it will become more acceptable for any man who wants to express his fashion freedom.

Chinese Men Run Race in Heels

May 17, 2009 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Men Wearing High Heels, News
Recently during one of the festivals in China, both men and women have been running back and forth along a twenty meter long track that included hurdles. However, this was not your average foot race; women were required to wear 10cm (roughly 4-inch) heels, while men were required to wear 8cm (roughly 3 1/4-inch) heels during the race. The two week long event

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included races for men, women, and couples. All participants were within the age range of 18 to 55. The winner of each category received a prize of the equivalence to £100 (about $151.62) as well as coupons. Regardless of the men’s inexperience in running, or even wearing heels, there were no injuries reported.
It makes one wonder why Americans frown upon men wearing heels, as compared to in many Asian societies. They seem not to have any problems with it. It also brings into mind the newer story about one of the runway models falling due to her heel height; if men who do not have experience in wearing heels can manage to run a foot race while jumping hurdles with ease, why can’t a model who wears heels on a daily basis keep her footing while walking? If there are any men brave enough to want to try a foot race in heels try out our line of high heels for men.