Honeysuckle to be THE Color of 2011

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Prepare to see alot of pink in 2011! "Honeysuckle" is the color of 2011. This was chosen by Pantone Color Institute, the company that largely sets color standards for the fashion and home industries.


A dynamic reddish pink, Honeysuckle is "encouraging and uplifting. It elevates our psyche beyond escape, instilling the confidence, courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life".

Honeysuckle color products are currently available from a variety of manufacturers, including products such as sneakers, apparel, paint, appliances, make-up, and even credit cards! It (honeysuckle) works for a variety of ages and styles, says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, noting that they used it for both their upscale collection and their more contemporary line. "It’s a positive, strong, affirmative color, and I think that’s what hopefully everyone’s attitude is going into next year."
Honeysuckle can be worn for casual and formal occasions and it’s not limited to spring and summer, designer James Mischka says. The way to wear it is either against white or all on its own, he says, noting it doesn’t pair well with black. It is complementary to blues, greens and oranges, though, which will also work in the homes arena, according to Eiseman.

So if you are still looking for a last minute idea for Christmas, keep in mind that turquoise is out and honeysuckle is hot!


The Best and Worst Fashion Trends of the Past Decade

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The past decade has seen many different fashion trends come and go, some new and some old. There are several trends that appear on both sides of the best and worst list.

Best Fashion Trends

1. Leggings. They have been a great fashion addition from this last decade, allowing women to keep their legs covered, yet shapely, in all sorts of fun fabrics and colors. You can pair them with any length dress, or wear them under pants as a way to keep warm.

2. Classic ballet flats. They are comfortable and can be dressed down or up depending on what you pair it with.



3. Uggs. They are great to wear as house-shoes and to go around town.

4. Crocs. They are great for outside wear, remarkably sturdy, and an essential summer fashion item.

5. 80’s colors / clothes.

6. The casual woman in all of us loved the sweat pant as a must-wear.

7. Making high fashion accessible and popular for the masses.

8. For those not want to commit and wanting to experiment, fake tattoos.

track suits
Harem Pants

Worst Fashion Trends

1. Harem Pants: Looking Aladdin-chic lasted about a hot second.

2. Hobo-Chic: Roll out of bed, throw on a cloak, and add some Louboutin heels to the mix.


4. Leggings as pants: Tron-inspired leggings, sequin-adorned, "jeggings."

5. Destroyed Denim: At what point did it ever make sense to drop hundreds of dollars on a pair of jeans that already look like they’re 10 years old?

6. Uggs: From trendy to just plain Ugg-ly.

7. The Juicy Tracksuit: Reaching its height in popularity around 2003, the Juicy Couture tracksuit now serves as the base of many Halloween costumes.

1980's fashion

8. Visible Thongs: Now teenage girls think it’s hip to let their thongs hang out of their lower-than-low-cut jeans.

9. ’80s Re-Revival: How many times will we hear "the ’80s are back"?

10. Jersey Everything: Draped jersey everywhere in 2007 and 2008.

11. "Ironic" Hipster Fashions: Granny glasses, mustaches, acid-wash jeans, plaid, Arab scarves, and pretty much anything American Apparel ever produced since 2000.


Picking the right heel for a short skirt.

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In this article we are going to discuss short skirts “an above the knee skirt” and give some general pointers on picking the right heel. You have a lot of options available to you when wearing a short skirt as you can also wear knee high boots.

1. The old school fashion rules are as follows:
A. Do not wear white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day
B. Do not wear a short skirt if you’re older than 35.

These so called rules were made a long time ago and do not hold up in today’s fashion place. So don’t let anyone tell you that you can not wear white in the winter and do not let anyone tell you that you can no longer wear that short skirt just because today is your 36th birthday as both of these have become accepted in today’s fashion.

2. When choosing a heel for your skirt, the first thing you need to do is look at the skirt itself. Is the skirt a plain solid color or does it have a pattern? If the skirt is a solid color, is the color a bright color or a dark color?

A. If your skirt is a bright red or pink, a plain black or white heel will not go right with the outfit. This is one of those times that black does not go with everything. You need to find a shoe that closely matches the color of the skirt or gives a nice contrast to it.
* It is possible to wear a different color shoe than the color of the skirt by adding a belt with a matching purse and matching the shoe to them.

B. If the skirt in question has a pattern or floral design one must match the shoe to the primary color that is in the design.
* If the skirt is of a known time period or theme like a plaid “school girl” or a pink “poodle” skirt, then the shoe must be matched with the theme or time period.

3. When choosing a shoe to go with the skirt one must also consider the shape and size of their feet and legs. Long pointy toe shoes tend to make your feet look smaller than they are. This would not be a good thing if you have thicker legs. Where on the other hand wider heeled shoes with square or rounded toes tend to make your feet look bigger.

A. If you have a thicker leg you would want to look at a shoe with a wider heel. You may also want to consider a knee high boot. Boots tend to give legs and feet a unified shape and tone while still offering a glimpse of the legs. Where as a person with a thinner legs should pick a shoe with thinner heels, one with thin legs and feet should steer clear from square toed shoes as they would tend to make their feet look too wide for their legs.

B. Taller females would want to consider lower heel heights. These shoes can also add a professional or classy look to an outfit. Shorter females would tend to wear higher heels or mini-platforms. These shoes tend to make the legs look longer.
*Care should also be taken when choosing a platform heel as platforms have a reputation that one may not want. We recommend sticking with a mini to a mid size platform due to this reason.

We always recommend a shoe with an ankle strap as these can help prevent injury to the ankle by preventing it from slipping off the back or side of the shoe. This is especially true for shoes with a higher heel height. Mules are fine to be worn in shorter heel heights for everyday wear, but extra care should still be taken and a proper snug fit is also important.
Ankle straps on the other hand need to be snug and not worn loose. If you can remove the ankle strap without unbuckling it then the strap is too loose and should be adjusted.

*** Important ***
Care should be given if wearing a skirt with closed toe patent leather shoes. These shoes are shiny and can provide an unwanted reflection up your skirt…..


What type of high heel should I wear?

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This is a series of articles that we put together to help people decide what type of shoe to wear with what outfit. In todays world women have so many different options when it comes to high heels. Should it be a pump or sandal, a mule or ankle strap? Picking the right heel for the right outfit is just as important as picking the outfit itself.